Why Choose Agrisave?

In today's world, where agriculture is facing numerous challenges, it is crucial to find innovative solutions that can help farmers save resources and increase their productivity. Bikasave guided smallholder Farmers by setting aside a portion of their income regularly in small denominations as a way to build up a reserve fund that can be used to mitigate risks associated with late purchase of quality farm inputs, crop failure or market fluctuations hence providing them with financial stability and reduce their vulnerability to external shocks. Bikasave helps smallholder farmers and aspiring Farmers to save for agricultural venture of their choice, purchase quality seeds, fertilizers, and machinery on time.

How We Do it Under Bikasave - Agrisave

Research & Assessment

Starts by raising awareness on the need to save for Agricultural venture done through existing VSLA groups and Farmer groups that partner members have established.

Community Engagement

Bikasave guides Members on intentional savings steps and constant Financial literacy coaching to helped members, mostly women, build financial resilience.

Design and Development

Based on the research findings, design a tailored savings program called “Agrisave” to cater to the specific needs of potential new farmers and smallholder farmers.

Capacity Building

Provide training and capacity-building workshops to farmers and community members to enhance their financial literacy and knowledge of using digital financial tools.

User Support & Assistance

Offer ongoing support to users of the “Agrisave” mobile app. Set up help centers or helplines to address any technical issues and provide assistance with financial transactions.

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