Calcigrow Organic fertilizer 50kg

UGX 95,000


About the Product
CalciGrow is an organic mineral fertilizer made from ultrafine granulated Calcium, Carbon, Magnesium. These minerals rapidly neutralize acidic soils allowing for maximum nutrient uptake, It optimizes the performance of NPK fertilizers and micronutrient availability. It increases moisture retention and seed germination. Increasing crop yields and profitability. Our team of experts are always on hand to offer advice and support to our customers.

CalciGrow is a dust free ultrafine granulated calcium mineral fertilizer that rapidly neutralizes acidic soils. CalciGrow maximizes nutrient availability, optimizes NPK fertilizer and micronutrient uptake, It also increases moisture retention, seed germination and Calcium for plant growth.

CalciGrow can be applied when planting and Top dressing using a variety of methods either manually or by mechanical spreaders and planters. The recommended dosage of application per Acre will vary depending on the crop, soil type, and other factors. Below is a breakdown At a 4.5 Soil pH its recommended to use 8 bags(400Kg) per acre, at 5.0 pH its recommended to use 6 Bags (300Kg) per Acre, at 5.5 pH its recommended to use 4 bags (200Kg), at pH 6.0 its recommended to use 2 bags of CalciGrow(100kg) and at pH of 6.5 its recommended to use 1 bag(50kg) of CalciGrow.
When applying CalciGrow, it is important to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE), as with any fertilizer. Avoid inhaling the dust and minimize skin contact with the product. CalciGrow is safe for human and animal consumption, but it is recommended to keep animals away from freshly applied fertilizer

These benefits increases crop yields and profitability and enhance pest resistance.

Dust free ultrafine granulated calcium mineral fertilizer which;

Rapidly neutralizes acidic soils to maximize nutrient availability
Optimize NPK fertilizer and micronutrient uptake
Increase moisture retention and seed germination
Increase Calcium for plant growth
Improve crop yields and profitability
Increase pest resistance


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