Commando F1 – Tomato 10g

UGX 110,000


Product details
Plant: Strong determinate open field variety adaptable to most growing areas, Highly vigorous plant ideal for growing under staked or on ground culture. Fruit: Produces very firm elongated fruits averaging 120 – 130gm, High quality, heavy shiny fruits and show small blossom end making the shape to be consistently uniform, The fruits shows an intense red colour and good size uniformity and grade out (1 – 3), Fruit shelve life of over 21 days when harvested at mature green stage, Fruit harvesting start from 65 – 70 days after transplanting, The plant has intermediate tolerance to Tomato Yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV), Strong observable field tolerance against Fusarium wilt (F-1, 2), Bacterial wilt, Nematodes (M. incognita/++), Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV), High production potential of good marketable fruits and grade, Yield potential: Average 30–35 Tons/acre under good agronomic practice. Average seed count per gram: 400 seeds per gm, Seed rate: 35gm per acre.


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