EGGO FARM –organic fertilizer 500ml

UGX 20,000


Eggo farm is a product of Fidena Agri Uganda Ltd, a company that specializes in
natural soil fertility products.
2. Eggo farm is egg shell-based fertilizer made from crushed egg shells and Banana peel
which are high in calcium carbonate, a crucial mineral for strengthening plants cell wall
and also raises and neutralizes the ph level of overly acidic soil and its environmentally
3. Eggo farm is 100% organic liquid fertilizer with absolutely no chemical added to it, it is
100% safe to use in any vegetable or crop.
4. Eggo farm can be applied to any plant, tree, vegetable and even grass that require
5. Improves crops/plants yield by as much as 187%.

Store in a cool dry place away from food and feedstuff.
Dispose empty container in an approved sanitary landfill or take to recyclers
Directions for Use
• Fill container of your choice with water, add corresponding Eggo Farm gently using any
of the mix ratio.
• Spray or wet each crop/plant as a whole, the leaves, branches/stem, trunk and the soil
around the crop/plant.
• Apply every 2weeks (minimum of 3 times per season of that particular crop/plant).

Mix as follows:
2 ml per 1 litre of water
6 ml per 3litres water
20 ml per 10litres of water (1 white cap of 500ml bottle to 10 liters of water)
40ml per 20 liters of water (2 white of 500ml bottle to 20liters of water)


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