Fertiplus 4-3-3-65 (Organic Fertilizer )- 25kg

UGX 80,000


Product details
Fertiplus Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3-65 OM is a well-known 100% Organic Fertilizer pellet, ecologic/ environmentally friendly and hygienic. The organic material in this excellent, natural plant Fertilizer contains mostly humic acid structures which benefit soils in facilitating its nutrient availability, they release gradually the minerals present in the ground and therefore, minerals become more available for absorption by the roots of plants. It greatly improves on the microbiological activity of the soil.

This positive effect of Organic Fertilizer means a considerable saving in mineral Fertilizers, and a reduction of mineral Fertilizers application in the soil. Composition: Dry Matter 88% min; Moisture 12% max; Organic Matter 65%; Nitrogen (Total) 4.2%; Phosphorus 3.0%; Potassium 2.8%; Calcium 9%; Magnesium 1%; Sulphur 1.5% + Trace elements (iron, manganese, Zinc, Cobolt, Copper, Boron). pH:6.4, Pellet diameter: 5-6mm


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