Vermicompost 100 – Organic Fertilizer 1kg

UGX 5,000


Product details
Vermicompost 100 contain higher percentage of both macro and micronutrients than the garden compost. Apart from other nutrients, a fine worm cast is rich in NPK which are in readily

available form. Vermicompost enhances plant growth, suppresses disease in plants, increases porosity and microbial activity in soil, and improves water retention and aeration.

Active Ingredients: Earthworm castings, organic matter, natural enzymes and hormones

Directions for use

Mix vermicompost100 in a ratio of 1:4 to soil

Top dress in potted plants, gardens or lawns

In general gardening, apply 1000kg/ha

In horticulture, apply 50-100g per plant

In tree plantations like coffee, apply 250-500g per plant per season

Key Benefits

Soil Conditioner
Nutrient Retention of Soil
Pest Resistant
Better Aeration
Water Retention
Healthier Plants
Root Penetration
100% Organic.


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